Cybersecurity Closes A Key Year. And Now That?

Cybersecurity Closes A Key Year. And Now That?

This year leaves us two pandemics. One from the coronavirus. Another cybercrime. Without a doubt, there has been an increase in cyber attacks as a result of the situation experienced in 2020 and the high implementation of teleworking. Phishing attacks, launched via email, and malware have been trends in the cybersecurity space, which has been more empowered than ever.

Procrastinating is no longer an option for companies when it comes to cybersecurity. Any type of attack can seriously damage your reputation and make you lose the trust of customers, or it can harm the organization’s own economy and its staff. 2020 has launched important notices to the Spanish business fabric and shows great commitments for the new year.

More Artificial Intelligence, Verification, And ‘Cloud’

The technologies that have gained weight and that will continue to do so in the coming months are well known. I highlight artificial intelligence (AI), verification of digital identity and cybersecurity in the cloud as key elements for the protection of companies and users. Its application will improve the digital experience of customers, internal processes, infrastructures and products.

With AI, the identification of new threats and their responses can be accelerated. At Mitek, we are already working on solutions based on artificial intelligence to give a higher level of security to companies that need to verify their users in registration processes, for example, thus helping them avoid any type of scam or fraud by a cybercriminal.

In addition to artificial intelligence, we also have experts, called agents, whose function is to remotely verify the identity of people who identify themselves with a bank or other type of organization. These professionals are in charge of managing these processes, hand in hand with AI, to offer a definitive layer of security that stops any attempt at counterfeiting or deepfake .

Here again, identity verification using behavioral biometrics and analytics will play a key role, once again. In parallel, cybersecurity in the cloud has great advantages when it comes to protecting the transfer and storage of information. It is undoubtedly a booming technology trend that will have a lot to offer in 2021. Added to this are advanced data encryption and even blockchain.

Cybersecurity At The Height Of The Circumstances

Throughout this year, users have valued very positively when companies have generated confidence when protecting sensitive information . This has been essential and will be even more so in the future. Companies that fail to shield themselves from fraud and data theft attempts will have a very difficult time attracting new customers. Verifying the profiles of these users is essential to avoid scammers and the use of fraudulent techniques in the virtual environment.

The approval of a regulatory sandbox to supervise the activity of financial or fintech companies has also been a notable novelty of 2020 in our country, although much remains to be done. In this sense, regulation plays a key role that will largely define the work that cybersecurity professionals will be able to perform.

It is expected that the administrations promote the protection of the privacy of people’s information. European GDPR legislation had already begun to pave the way for best practices, but Covid-19 accelerates the demand for these regulations as a result of the increased time we spend connected and using services in the digital paradigm. 

Given that legislators have a benchmark model, building on legislation already enacted in the European Union, it is likely that in 2021 several new laws on data privacy will be introduced in regions that might otherwise have taken a long time. decade or more to promote similar protection regulations.

Leaving traditional security systems behind is a pending task for the new year. Generally speaking, new technologies and specialized talent have helped the economy not have suffered as much as it could have if this pandemic had occurred a decade or two ago. Cybersecurity is essential to keep the growing online business activity. We must be prepared.

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