The Origin And Complete Concept Of Big Data

The Origin And Complete Concept Of Big Data

Big Data refers to the storage and management of a large amount of data. Issues related to the data big are studied and treated by information and communications technology (ICT). This set of sciences and disciplines provides solutions for collecting, storing, searching, analyzing, and displaying very large data sets.

The data big is important when it comes to the development of models and statistics. In order to make comparisons, make predictions and provide accurate reports, it is often necessary to work with a lot of information: otherwise, the results are not valid or accurate.

There is no precise amount of data that allows us to talk about big data. The limits that are handled usually revolve around terabytes, petabytes or zettabytes. Working with such an amount of information requires the use of advanced technological resources.

This means that a user with a home computer can hardly work with big data since these teams are not prepared to manage and store so much information.

The data big, anyway, is dumped into databases of different types. It is possible to manage structured data (whose format is already defined), semi-structured data (they are not limited to a specific field but have markers for the distinction of elements) and unstructured data (without specific format). The data, on the other hand, can be captured and visualized using various computer tools according to need.

The importance of this concept is incalculable for many companies since it allows them to obtain answers to thousands of essential questions for its correct operation at a speed that would be impossible through human work. Thanks to the versatility offered by the different data manipulation and consultation systems, it is possible to obtain “customized” results that are easy to understand.

One of the keywords of modern life is ” tendency ” this inclination of the human being to carry out certain activities or consume certain products and services leads some companies to shape their proposals to suit their tastes and needs, and for this The accumulation of large volumes of statistical data is essential.

Big data queries and analysis serve to better target business, accentuating sound decisions, avoiding potentially damaging ones, and targeting those that have not been made so far but could lead to significant growth.

In short, the use of big data is a happy ending for everyone: companies conduct more prolific business, increase the efficiency of their operations and the volume of their profits, while customers receive the products and services they want, And all this has a positive impact on the market.

It is worth mentioning that data storage is not always carried out on the premises of a company; There are big data services in the cloud with very competitive prices, which can represent a significant saving in equipment operation and maintenance, in addition to avoiding the typical problems that memory expansion entails.

To understand all this, let’s think of a very simple example: an individual wants to create a business but does not have a well-defined idea, so he perches on his window to observe his neighbours in order to find inspiration; throughout the day, he hears many people complain about the lack of a grocery store in the area and, based on these data, he decides to open one on his own to satisfy that need. 

Big data analysis allows millions of “stories” like this to be dealt with simultaneously, to open doors to innovative ideas that users themselves were often unaware of.

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