Best NFL Bets To Make

Best NFL Bets To Make

NFL betting has completely dominated betting in the United States, especially in the Fall and Winter. Not only is this sport extremely popular, but there are also some great ways to wager on professional football. 

The first step is knowing how to read NFL lines, but hopefully you are already past that step at this point. If you are there then it’s time to start looking at the five best NFL bets to make if you are serious about winning some money.

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When it comes to the NFL, betting against the spread is the best way to go. If you ever hear someone discussing NFL betting then they are likely going to be talking about spread betting. 

A spread bet requires you to not only pick which team will win an NFL matchup, but you also have to determine how spread out the final outcome will be. You can even bet on the losing team with spread betting as long as they keep a game within a certain score. 

This is a bet that can be extremely stressful to make, but the payout is usually pretty solid if you are on the winning side of a wager.


If picking a spread isn’t going to work for you then the next best option is to focus on the total number of points scored in a matchup. A totals bet is also sometimes referred to as an over/under wager. 

When it comes to this type of bet, you don’t have to worry about the winning or losing team at all. As long as the two teams combine for a certain number of points then you can be a winner. 

Totals bets come with two options, “over” or “under,” and the payout is usually the same for each side that you bet on. Betting the over seems to be the most popular option, but there can be great value in betting the under as well.


The best way to start out when betting on the NFL is to place a moneyline bet. This is the simplest wager to make because all you have to do is pick which team will win a certain NFL game. 

The downside to betting the moneyline is that you aren’t going to win a ton of money if you are only betting on the favorites. Placing a moneyline wager on an underdog could be beneficial, but you’re also going to be forced rooting for an upset.


If you have some patience then a futures bet is the best way to go. This type of wager will produce a result that won’t come until way into the future, but it could also come with a pretty nice payoff. 

The most common future bet that is out there for the NFL is a bet on which team will win the upcoming Super Bowl. The odds for this type of wager will be changing weekly throughout the season, but hitting on an underdog will put a big wad of cash in your pocket. 


If you are looking for a big payday with one single bet then a parlay is the way to go. Parlay betting includes combining a number of small bets into one large wager, and that also means that a big payoff could be coming. 

You, the bettor, is really in charge when it comes to parlay betting because you get to choose how many “legs” that you want to include. All of the legs will have to hit if you are going to win this bet, which makes it pretty challenging at times. 

You can combine moneyline, totals, or spread bets into your parlay, which will increase the amount of options that you have.

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