Best Days To Play Bingo

Best Days To Play Bingo

It is mental to think that, little more than two decades on from its initial inception, many people cannot even imagine a world without the presence of online gambling, such is its immense popularity and stature these days.

But when you consider how important online gambling is to the general casino industry its popularity comes as no surprise – if it wasn’t for online gambling the amount of revenue coming in would be halved at the very least!

Over the years online slots have undeniably emerged as the flagship online gambling game, however, more recently online bingo has been exponentially rising in popularity. Bingo has always been popular amongst the older generations; however, what we are seeing now is more and more different demographics coming on-board. It is fantastic, but it does mean that playing online bingo can be a remarkably busy affair in 2020 – Play OJO. Read on to find out what the best days to play bingo are.

Midweek Daytime

The best days to play bingo can be a pretty subjective question, especially in regard to everybody’s differing personal schedules. One of the least popular times to play are during the day in the week, and this is because the large majority of people will be working and unable to enjoy a game of bingo at these times. But does this mean it is better to play in the day during the week or not?

Well, one argument is that your odds of winning are going to increase at this time, simply because there are less players vying for the same jackpot. Whilst is true it is also important to acknowledge the flipside. Less bingo players vying for a jackpot means that the online bingo site are going to make the jackpots smaller too.

Weekend Evenings

On the other hand, playing online bingo in the evenings on weekends is proven to be the busiest time for most online bingo sites, with hundreds of thousands of bingo players taking to the Internet at these times. This is by far the most fun time to play bingo, especially if you find yourself in a game lobby with friends, mainly because of the social interaction on offer, but also because there can be added prizes up for grabs too.

Jackpot prizes are also at their biggest at these busy times, so if you have your eye on a world-changing amount of money this could be a better time to play. It is just important to remember that your odds of winning will be smaller.

Midweek Evenings

Midweek evenings tend to sit somewhere in the middle of weekday days and weekend evenings when playing bingo, as online bingo sites are often busy but rarely as saturated as they would be on the weekends.

Gamblers can be said to get the best of both worlds when playing online bingo on midweek evenings, not only are the jackpot prizes still fairly large, but the odds of winning them are slashed too.

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