Best Car Rental Companies In Dubai

Best Car Rental Companies In Dubai

Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for avant-garde architecture, luxury shopping, and a dynamic nightlife scene, attracts millions of tourists yearly; with an increase in the number of visitors annually.

At 15.93 million worldwide overnight tourists to Dubai in 2018 and up from 14.9 million in 2016, it is obvious that Dubai is a fascination for Tourists.

Whether as a Tourist or Resident of Dubai, it feels awesome generally when driving a car, especially for those who are obsessed with it.

Driving a rented car and a car owned by you comes with different feelings of excitement and comfort. Driving a car hired from a Car Rental company in Dubai is by far less expensive compared to owning a car.

You can’t operate an automobile in Dubai without current UAE registration papers. However, those renting a car must bring a copy of their car insurance agreement, passport or local ID, their past enrollment card, and if material, their vehicle investigation endorsement.

Car rental companies like Rent a Car Dubai and Car Rental Dubai have you all of this covered; the only role you play is just pay the token and you are in for a ride.

Owning a Car in Dubai for most UAE residents is quite expensive; their two biggest expenses are their car and house.

For cars, the monthly payment is only the beginning. You still have other bills such as petrol, insurance, repairs, registration, maintenance, and parking to consider, as well as any speeding or parking fines.

Plus the UAE has a huge luxury car culture, with every other vehicle on the road; a BMW, Rolls-Royce, or Mercedes. This means buying your dream car, depending on the kind, comes with a huge price.

Strict instructions have been repeatedly sounding on different conventional and local Media as regards staying safe against the deadly Covid-19 Virus; this virus which has held the world to a standstill is also an important factor to consider when the options of a public transport and hiring a car from a Car Rental Company is put before you.

“These viruses do not have legs, they can only move when we move; so one has to avoid public and crowded places.” Medical Personnel has warned.

One way to beat this barrier is to stay wide from people at some spots you can count on sanitized accommodation, food, and easy access to your needs.

Considering the mode of transmission, it is important to avoid public means of transportation, and a careful selection of a Car Rental Company with proper cleaning hygiene services to avoid contracting the virus from a possible previous positive user.

Some Reliable Car Rental Companies includes:

Al Mizan Car Rental

Fully sanitized & tinted cars. 

No hidden charges,

No Vat + free delivery and pick up at your location.

Best prices and service guaranteed.

eZhire Car Rental

Just like Rent a Car Dubai and Car Rental Dubai, eZhire Car Rental Company with quality and timely service delivery. Their cars are always in good condition for a ride to your destination. The advantages of contracting a Car Rental Company are numerous; we would highlight a few for you:

No Tax Burden

No Tax payment is required of you when you contract a Car Rental Company for a car, unlike in owning one, where you have to pay 5% the value of the car as tax(If you are importing from another country), and a Monthly payment of Tax for your car, depending on the Model.

Car Rental Companies have these taxes paid for already; a stress-free ride is what you get for renting a car.

No Salik Fee

Owning a Toyota 2014 corolla entails a Monthly Salik Top up of 100 AED, but this would not be an issue when you are hiring one. These expenses are also covered by the Car Rental Company in Dubai. Your ride is guaranteed with no limitations.

No RTA Car Burden

Car Rental Companies in Dubai have you covered on this too. A one-time payment of 500 AED is a requirement for owning a Toyota Corolla; this doesn’t apply in hiring one.


Cars are being insured monthly at the rate of about AED 165, your insurance is covered the moment you decide to hire a car, no need paying for that.


At a cost of 400 AED, a Toyota Corolla fuel tank is being filled 4 times monthly, this worry is not burdened on you when you decide to hire a car, rather than buy one.

Total Annual Cost

A total yearly cost of 19,020 AED, not including the initial payments, is a requirement for owning a car, not the same is said for hiring one.

Hiring a car can cost from as cheap as $12/day, for Economy cars to $62/day for SUVs.

Car Rental Companies cover all of these expenses and give you comfort and a stitch-free ride, always

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