Backup Copies: How Can I Keep My Data Protected?

Backup Copies: How Can I Keep My Data Protected?

By now most people have heard this phrase ” Did you have a backup?” Probably when you have heard it it is too late and it is that something has happened in your company and unfortunately the most common answer is, “What is that? What about the album they told me to record? “

And it is that despite the fact that the concept of backup sounds familiar to all of us or sometimes called by its name in English backup, few are those who can say what it is used for or how it works and we will try to clarify it in this article.

A backup is a copy of the files that are critical to the operation of the company and that is made periodically on a secure medium and helps us to restore our systems and our workflow in the event of a disaster. This definition sounds very good but we are going to see what this cybersecurity measure implies in our day to day in the workplace.

One of the questions that raise the most doubts in companies is the temporary frequency to make the backup and if there should always be a copy outside the main offices.

Backup, How Often Should It Be Done?

Basically, regardless of the level of security of the files, a backup copy should be made at least once a week. Obviously, if the data in the files have not been modified that week, it is not necessary to make the backup, since the previous one will be enough.

Of the high-level files, in addition to the weekly backup, there must be another copy outside the main facilities, so that if a catastrophe occurs (fire, flood, etc.) all data is not lost, and we can recover it remote copy. The law requires making a copy in digital format, while for the paper it is not mandatory.

In this regard, we must bear in mind that said remote computer copy must be encrypted so that only the persons authorized to do so can access the information contained therein.

With regard to data recovery, we must bear in mind that:

  • We must record the loss of data and its subsequent recovery in the incident log.
  • In the case that they are backup copies of files of medium or high level, it must be authorized by the person responsible for the file and in the record of incidents, the procedures carried out to recover the data must be recorded, indicating the person who executed the process, the restored data and, where appropriate, what data has been required to be manually recorded in the recovery process.
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