Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future Of Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future Of Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence to prevent natural catastrophes

“In 2022, 70% of executives will interact with conversational platforms, chatbots or digital assistants in their day today.” Natural conversation is used, it is not necessary to download apps and it is available 24 for seven 365 days a year.

HCM, which stands for Human Capital Management, which in Spanish translates as human capital management, is one of the most important fields of HR in companies, and it is essential for them to effectively use technology to be able to handle large amounts of data and use them in their strategies to increase their competitiveness.

Speech Recognition

One of the main factors that could be thought against the integration of AI in this field is human interactions, and how these are a fundamental pillar in the treatment of employees. The great technological advances in the coming years that allow huge leaps in the voice recognition of machines. Advances in image recognition, natural language and planning can also be expected.

Artificial Intelligence is an ally when it comes to increasing its effectiveness when acquiring new talent. This happens because it allows automating the association process between the skills that a job may require the determined skills of a candidate. Even so that “in the end, it is humans who make the decisions.”


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