Alternative Applications To WhatsApp

Alternative Applications To WhatsApp

We already know that everyone has WhatsApp . Every one of your contacts use it and it is more than hard to escape this endless loop. Here are some successful alternative applications  for WhatsApp.

Obviously, from here we accept that you are sufficiently experienced, mechanically, to attempt new and much more secure things. Who knows? You like it in any case.  In addition, you will be prepared in case the day comes when WhatsApp for some strange reason stops working

More Secure WhatsApp Alternatives


if you are worried about security, at that point Signal is the informing application you were searching for as it has the Edward Snowden seal of endorsement.

It is a basic application, absent a lot of ornamentations. The enrollment structure is the standard one through the phone number with a check code. From the outset nothing strange except for every one of the messages are scrambled and furthermore permits you to obstruct the messages by methods for an entrance code with lapse date and even square the screen captures. Signal has no entrance to any metadata. 

The application additionally permits you to make calls through it and the best, the sound is likewise scrambled. Privacy is called Signal.


This messaging application developed in Switzerland can be used from complete anonymity. The messages produce the base conceivable volume of information that goes through their servers, and contacts and records are just overseen locally. Threema encrypts everything from end to end: chats, calls, documents and even your status. The encryption library is NaCl (open source) and all the keys that are generated remain on your device, the best against man-in-the-middle attacks. Of course, it is not free, its price is about € 3.


One of the most talked about applications at the time of his departure there by 2016 as a favorite alternative to WhatsApp. What’s more, it stays one of the ones we like the most. Among its qualities we feature security, with highlight point encryption, its straightforward interface and the capacity to explore with signals. In addition, music lovers and Spotify Premium account can link your account to Wire. You can also use it on your computer or tablet. 


Telegram was one of the first alternatives that could really shade WhatsApp. It is an app focused on security and speed. To start using it we have to enter an activation code that is sent to us via SMS (as it happens in the vast majority). One of the most outstanding features are the ‘Secret Chats’, where our messages are encrypted and self-destruct after spending the time we specify. It also has good synchronization between mobile devices and the computer. And it has fantastic stickers!

The alternative to Google WhatsApp


hangouts image

One reason why Hangouts is on this rundown is the terrific combination and synchronization of Hangouts on the entirety of your gadgets, including your PC or your work area. It has VoIP, It has VoIP, or what is the same, calls to telephone numbers through data connection, and the quality of the calls is as good or better than the telephone. And to top it off, it offers group video chat.

Almost everyone has it already installed, so it will be much easier or what is the same, calls to telephone numbers through data connection, and the quality of the calls is as good or better than the telephone. And to top it off, it offers group video chat.

Almost everyone has it already installed, so it will be much easier to convince your contacts to use it, and it is developed by Google so the constant improvements and updates will not stop coming.

Other alternatives to WhatsApp



This application is as easy to use as WhatsApp and, in any case, it despises a similar prevalence, in any event not in the West, in China it is the informing application second to none. To utilize it we basically need to show our phone number. It additionally has intriguing security alternatives, for example, making a voice print or the capacity to unlink your telephone number from the application. WeChat is a finished application, the main thing missing is clients.



Skype is well known to all and the most used option for video calls, but also has chat. The service works very well and offers the possibility of sending files, video messages and contacts. The advantage over the rest is that it is already used by most users for a very related functions, such as video calling. 


line app

We have already talked to you about Line on numerous occasions, and it is, without a doubt, one of the most different alternatives. From the interface to the social functions (very similar to a social network), through the sticker packages, everything has a different, more Asian air. Not in vain is the most used app in the country of the Rising Sun. Recently they included VoIP calls, and allows access by PC or Mac by installing their software. For having, it has up to a games section. Although it costs me, I have got some contacts to use it and are delighted. 


This app is more destined for the millennial world . The old man escapes a little the operation. The main feature of Snapchat is that the messages disappear shortly after being sent, in this way there is no trace of the bad or good that you have sent (unless you make a screenshot). 

Snapchat has been gaining more and more followers over time and remains one of the great messaging applications. One of the most famous features are snaps or profile photos with fun effects. 


Here there are incredible options to WhatsApp that have the right to be tried It is likely that the normal client doesn’t attempt any of this without a little push, and afterward you enter to open the ways to different potential outcomes, most likely some other contact will be urged to introduce it, I do it with mine. Whatsapp is not a bad application, I of course use it, what a remedy! I simply believe that others deserve much more attention. 

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