A New Trump Card In The World Of Digital Marketing: The Concept Of Micro-Moment

A New Trump Card In The World Of Digital Marketing: The Concept Of Micro-Moment

Imagine entering a bakery that sells a lot of delicious pastries. At that point, as you look at the offer, your brain will want much more than what you originally entered the bakery for.

You’ll start to be bothered by the decision whether to buy only bread, because of which you actually entered the bakery, or croissants stuffed with raspberry jam, in addition to bread?

The above scenario uses the same concept used by the micro-moment. This new form of marketing is becoming more and more popular day by day. This kind of marketing “hook“ gained popularity because it focuses on a moment of a few seconds that’s so strong that it can give great results.

What, Exactly, Are These Micro-Moments?

Micro-moments are periods in which an individual turns to a mobile device to meet specific needs. The device, which is usually a smartphone (or computer, or tablet), allows the user to learn new information or perform an action. This can include finding a particular new location, researching facts, doing a specific activity, and obviously, shopping.

Note that your company’s website has to be in perfect shape to be the tool in your hands for successfully fulfilling tasks of this micro-moment “game“. Apart from containing all the necessary information about your business, it must load quickly and mustn’t have periods of downtime, i.e. mustn’t crash. For the latter, quality hosting is something without which your business can’t think about big goals.

Everything you need to host and manage your website for achieving the strategy of micro-moments is available at some of MySQL servers. Plans that web hosting providers offer for this type of hosting include a wide range of features at reasonable pricesBy signing up or renewing MySQL packages of most of these web hosts, sometimes even at the same cost, you’ll get steadfast hosting services, backed by technical support round the clock.

Search engines and the Internet provide immediate access to a lot of information. Most people are accustomed to discovering information or performing an action on demand so that each client can experience dozens, if not hundreds of micro-moments every day.

What does it mean? Advertisers should think in that direction, i.e. to “put on“ the shoes of their consumers, and thus see the whole picture of the situation.

These are 4 types of micro-moments:

  • I want to know. It’s when the consumer is browsing for information and researching possibilities.
  • I want to do that. It may come before or after the purchase.
  • I want to go. It’s when a consumer isn’t just getting information but often making buying decisions and heading straight to stores.
  • I want to buy it. The point of purchase, when the consumer is looking to attach to your brand or product.

Why Are Micro-Moments So Special?

Regardless of whether they happen a few times each day, micro-moments are considered a special phenomenon. Present-day clients have built up the capacity to square average promotions, notifications, and the like in their heads when they’re out of the setting of the page where they are shown. Micro-moments, on the other hand, permit you to arrive at buyers when they are “delicate” to your substance.

If you take the right steps, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits such as:

Attracting Attention In A “Critical“ Scene

Micro-moments are special because they provide retailers and advertisers with the opportunity to communicate with the target group at the most important point during the decision-making process – the moment when a consumer needs or desires.

Creates Brand Or Company Awareness

Customers recollect well the organizations or brands that gave them a decent encounter. On the off chance that you focus on the small scale minutes effectively and make positive encounters, there’s a high likelihood that shoppers will promptly perceive or search for your image next time.

Provides A Competitive Advantage (For Now)

The practice of targeting micro-moment is relatively new, so traders who master this technique will have a huge competitive advantage. However, the wave is likely to catch up very quickly, so traders who want to thrive should start marketing campaigns based on micro-moments as soon as possible.

This Should Be Avoided

There are many critical points during the user decision-making process, but it’s important to note that not all of them are micro-moments.

Unfortunately, many advertisers and merchants feel the need to push consumers, so to speak, to the offer page before they’re really ready to respond to the action.

Instead, consumers should be given the resources they need to educate themselves through clear information that adds value to your content.

While this may expect you to build up another campaign structure, it’s the best way to approach to maintain or increase revenue, as well as to spread brand awareness.

5 Useful Tips To Help You Monetize Micro-Moments

Think Objectively, Don’t Be Aggressive

As mentioned earlier, not every key stage is the micro-moment decision-making process. So think well and take small steps. Don’t push customers towards the offer. Instead, give them “ideas“ or inspiration and be specific to stay relevant.

Give Answers to the Questions

Micro-moments refer to the fulfillment of desires or needs, so you have to answer the current question. Think about WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHY, WHO, and WHEN “bother“ your consumers and give them an answer.

Focus on Current Needs

Current needs are what ads that target micro-moments must focus on, which further translates into consumer language as an immediate solution. If you’re open 24 hours a day, you can deliver the product the same day or offer an exclusive contract. That way, it’s very likely that you’ll have successful micro-moments in the campaign.

Find The Right Time – It’s All A Matter Of Timing

It’s crucial to understand when your consumers will research or need the product you’re promoting. For example, Friday is a great day to promote food delivery, and the weekend is a great time for streaming and dating apps.

Choose the Type of Ad That Goes Best With Micro-Moments

Without a doubt, micro-moments go best with native ads or content advertising. Why? Because this type of ad is unobtrusive, it fits the design and theme on the page where it’s displayed, and as such is a great bait to put on the micro-moment “hook“.

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