8 Uncomfortable Conversations Tech Has Made It Easier

8 Uncomfortable Conversations Tech Has Made It Easier

There are many conversations that should happen face-to-face. But this isn’t always the case. We’ve all been in situations that escalated too quickly thanks to discomfort and tempers.

Fortunately, technology offers the luxury of space and distance. When you want to bring up something difficult, you can take the time to type out a thoughtful message. Here are just some of the topics that could be more easily addressed with technology.

Asking Out Your Crush

Special someone giving your butterflies? The idea of asking them out might make your palms sweat. If you’re worried about stumbling over your words in person, there’s no shame in turning to technology. A simple text message can be just as effective.

Technology is also a useful tool for meeting new people. You don’t even need a potential mate’s number to get in touch. Social media allows you to connect with anyone in an instant. Just be sure to respect their boundaries just as much as you would over text or in person.

Confronting Your Roommate

When you live with someone, small conflicts can be difficult to avoid. You might disagree about cleaning tasks, noise levels, and guests. Unfortunately, approaching your roommate in person might put them on the defensive. A quick text message might be more effective.

When you’re confronting your roommate through a message, you can take the time to be tactful. Massage your language to be non-combative and offer a collaborative solution. It’s likely that your roommate will be receptive to this approach. But if they’re not, it might be time to bring up
the issue in person.

In situations like these, you want to make sure that you’re using technology as a tool rather than as a crutch. Text messages allow you to send thoughtful messages, but it can be tempting to hide behind the screen. Choose your words carefully and know your limits.

Bringing Up Sensitive Topics

When you feel like something is off with your body, odds are you’re doing an online search before calling your doctor. With today’s technology, seeing and speaking to a doctor can now happen online too.

If you’re uncomfortable walking into a health clinic to describe that uncomfortable itch down there, you can get at-home tests for many things online, including common sexually transmitted infections. If it turns out you need treatment, you can even receive a prescription for genital herpes treatment within the privacy of your home with discreet packaging.

Online health services create a safe space for many people to comfortably find the treatment that they need. Next time you are feeling nervous walking into a doctor’s office, see if you can find help from a professional online.

Apologizing (Sometimes)

There are certainly many situations when apologies should happen in person. We’re talking about the big stuff here. However, if you’re apologizing for something small, it might be easier to rely on technology.

If you ripped your friend’s shirt that you’re borrowing, you’re in the clear to apologize over text. Apologizing to your sister for missing her birthday dinner? Consider a FaceTime call. Each type of apology comes with nuance, so put yourself in the recipient's shoes before typing out a message.

Solving Work Conflicts

Whether you clashed with a coworker or disagreed with your boss, it’s important to keep things professional. Marching up to their desk to speak your piece is best left in your imagination. A quick email or direct message is often the best way to resolve conflicts at work.

When sending these messages, be sure to take time to think before you type. You want to remain level headed and set the stage for future conversations. Simply expressing your concern and opening the door for cooperation can be highly effective. You’ll likely be in a better headspace
to listen after calmly bringing up the issue.

Checking In On Friends

When your friend is having a hard time, it can feel impossible to say or do the right thing to comfort them. Showing up at their house or even calling might be too much for them. This is another area where technology offers a happy medium.

A short “thinking of you” or “I’m here if you need to talk” message can go a long way. You can also use your devices to leave a voice text or video call when they’re ready. No matter the distance, technology will help you be there for your friend.

If your friend isn’t ready to talk, you can use your device to send them a gift or food delivery. There are endless ways to be supportive when the world is always connected.

Setting Boundaries With Family

If family is pushing your boundaries, it can be difficult to confront them. You want to be flexible with the people you love. However, your space and well-being matter. It’s normal to be nervous about setting boundaries, so technology can be a helpful tool.

The way you deliver the message will depend on the person. If you’re worried about tempers getting out of hand, consider sending a text message. However, a conversation with a more level-headed family member might be best over the phone.

Remember, this is another situation where technology is a steppingstone for an in-person conversation. That’s OK. Adding this extra step allows everyone to get their thoughts together before having a mature discussion.

Addressing Gossip

Learning that someone has been talking about you or a loved one is frustrating. This is especially true when gossip comes from a friend. If you’re planning to confront someone about gossip, it’s worth being tactful. How you approach the situation is a reflection on you. You don’t want to let
the gossip get to you.

Technology allows you to approach the gossiper in a straightforward and non-dramatic way. You can send them a simple message and politely ask them to stop gossiping. If they respond in an inflammatory way, you can choose to ignore them.

With so much technology at our fingertips, it can be tricky to choose the best medium for a conversation. The serious discussions should still happen face to face. But there are many scenarios where technology can be an aide. Just be sure that you’re using your technology intentionally and thinking before you hit “send.”

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