8 Most Important Elements Of Web Design

8 Most Important Elements Of Web Design

Your website is the face of your business. It is one of the essential tools for your business that brings high-quality clients to you. A website is not a collection of images or blogs but a destination where a user gets everything he is looking for in a systematic and well-organized manner. Your website design should appear both stunning and functional, which is present in most cases.

75% of consumers form their opinion of e-commerce websites based on design alone. A good UI/UX design can boost the conversion rate of your website by 400%, Which is insane. Someone say not to judge a book by its cover, but the point is everyone does. Make sure to create a unique website that gives to your users. Creating a good website is a ten seconds game, but this first impression will pay you off in the future.

Website design evolves continuously. Some factors remain constant, like quality content, relevancy, legibility, hierarchy, etc. While other factors emerge with time. Here we bring the 10 most important elements of modern web design to improve your site’s performance.


The first impression decides whether users will stay on your site for some period or not. It makes it the most critical part of modern web design. Typography is the element that gives uniformity to different pages of your website. Using clear and easily readable fonts enhances the retention capability of your website. Stick with two or three fonts and consistently use the same fonts throughout the website.


Would you like it if you were stuck in a maze? Not at all; even after a few minutes, you may get hyper. The same is true for websites. Nobody likes to get lost on a website. Good navigation leads a user to what he is looking for without wasting time and extra effort. The menu on the home screen should be well-organised, and items should be easily accessible from any page. It will negatively impact if your website takes more than three or four clicks to reach anywhere from your home page.

Visual Appearance

In general, users take 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. In these milliseconds, you have to make an impact in the mind of the users. It is possible only with the help of a visually appealing site. The first impression is the important one to grab the attention. The best way to do this is to keep it simple. Don’t overboard with the content on your homepage, and keep only the necessary text. Eliminate all the text that you believe is there for no value. Add that can enhance the value of your site.

Colour Scheme

Another important segment in the process of website design is its colours. colours set a specific mood and add feelings to the website. Excess of anything is bad, and this also applies here. Pay attention to your brand’s perception and the demographics of your audience before selecting colours for your website. Create such a colour scheme that matches the overall style of your website. Be consistent with the colour scheme throughout your website.

Background Video

An autoplay video in the background adds lots of value to your page. Use great videos to tell the story of the company or what your company does. It will help to reduce the text content from your website, and your website appears clean with only the necessary words. Videos are processed 60,000 times faster than text. It makes the journey of your visitors smooth and more insightful. Videos play a key role in web design. Video content saves time and effort for your users. They will get the idea of your website without wasting time.


Content is the backbone of any website. There is no value in decorating a site with videos, typographies, or navigations if the content of your website is not good. Content is the real king. At the end of the day, users need quality content from your website that they can share with others. Be cautious with the necessary words, and always think twice whether the word is adding any value to your site or not. Remove that word if the answer is NO! High-quality content is the most important factor in creating a highly appealing web design.

Mobile-Friendly Layout

Mobile users have increased by a significant amount in recent years. Hence, it becomes necessary to design a website having mobile users in mind. Design your website in a way that the users get the same experience irrespective of the users of the device. Mobile device traffic now accounts for 54% of all traffic worldwide. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may lose almost half of your potential traffic. Set it as your priority to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not before making your website live.

Speed Optimization

Slow and steady wins the race is false in website design. Even if your website contains everything but runs slow, your all efforts are worthless. Google statics shows that if your website loading time increase from 1 second to 10 seconds, the visitor’s bounce rate increase significantly by 123%. The reason for the slow speed could be the size of images and gifs available on your website. Optimize all the images, and Gifs on your website and shift your images from PNG to JPEG. JPEG offers the best balance between the quality and speed of the site. Website speed optimization is one of the factors to rank websites on google.


Modern web design requires updating and optimizing your website regularly. Website for any business plays a crucial role in its success. Your website needs to be user-friendly and easy to use. Make sure to add all the elements of the website to rank it on search engines or search engine result pages (SERPs). Good website design can bring an insane amount of traffic and engagement to your website. 

If you work on these 8 design elements mentioned above will tend your growth graph upward. Add these elements and see the growth of your website like never before

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