7 Tips To Become A Better Developer

7 Tips To Become A Better Developer

So you want to be a better developer? This article is for those who want to take their skills to the next level. These tips will transform you from a novice to a competent developer. 

When you start learning, you learn many good and bad practices. A beginner’s goal is to get the code to work. But a more skilled developer aims to write efficient and optimized code. 

You will have to kill all your bad habits to become better at development. 

Coding does not stop when it is functional but when the code is fully optimized. Not just a couple of times, but consistently! Every developer must strive to write functional, optimized code consistently, and here are a few steps for you to reach that goal.

For developers of all sizes and ages, this list will have something you would consider adding to your coding habits. Read-on!

Understand your task thoroughly

You might think that coding is the most important part of a coding task. It’s not. 

You should first think of your implementation process. This is like your first draft. Next, you should try to think of a better implementation. Keep doing this till you can’t find a better one. 

If you are working on a common coding problem, you can look it up online. You can check whether yours is the most optimized solution. If it is not, the basis of the best solution. 

So spend a moment to understand the task thoroughly, try to isolate all of its nuances, and even if it is a repeated task, try to convert it into a learning experience by implementing it in newer ways.

Doing the above will help you to think better and eventually code better. 

This is the best way to accelerate your coding journey. 

Be On Top Of Your Learning Game!

Coding is constantly changing, unlike any other field in this world (other than medicine). They say the younger developers are the best!

Why do you think that is?

Frankly, as they don’t have any previous experience, they march on to learn the newest content in coding. The nature of the changing coding world helps them. Older, experienced coders don’t seem to have the will to learn new things.

Don’t let this happen to you! You must always strive to learn the best technologies of today. Many ridicule upcoming technologies as dumb ideas, which is the dumbest idea!

Here’s a list of new technologies (in 2022) that you must know at least on the surface— 

  • Web3 — (Solidity, Smart contracts, Authentication)
  • NextJS — (a flavor to react that helps in SEO)
  • AI/ML — (particularly image processing)
  • Big Data — (Analytics)

Start Your Hustle Project Already!

The best way to learn is hands-on!

And especially when you are your own Boss! I see many developers with crazy ideas(actually good) but never get to implementation. Every developer must take their side Hustle project just as seriously as their work.

Don’t wait around till tomorrow. Get started. Don’t just make a git hub repository. Work on it till it’s production-ready and deploy it!

You always learn along the way, and who knows, that idea might pick up, and you’ll be a millionaire in no time!

Starting and deploying your project will help you not only become a better developer but also would help you to get non-coder skills, like resource management and feature management. 

This will also help you build confidence in your skills.

Take A Moment To Set Up Your Coding Apparatus

Make your Git Inviting

If you want to write good code, you need version control. You need to become adept at using Git and Github. 

You also need it to work in a team.

There will come a time when you will have to write numerous git commands every day. Writing all the commands will become taxing.

You have to optimize your Git commands to your liking. 

If Git commands are a pain, you will never be consistent, No matter how hard you try.

Make your Git commands simple. Add shortcuts in your bash and zsh. Here are four shortcuts that will save you a lot of time →

  • git commit -m “<text>” → gcm “<text>”
  • git push → gp
  • git add -A → gaa
  • git checkout <branch> → gco <branch>

Just these four will save your life. You can do the same for all your common commands. You can google how to set it up.

Code Editor

Always try to hunt for the best extensions to help with your coding. It goes a long way, even though the setup might be very annoying.

Prettier, ESlint, GitLens, and Copilot just to name a few!

For example, set up your Git lens on your favorite source code editor, VScode. GitHub with VScode is a life saver. You will allow yourself to view all the files you have changed at a glance and be able to commit right from that Window!

 All you have to do is press the plus icon and write a message! 

Learn And Review From A Pro

The best way to learn fast is sitting with a pro in a pair programming setup. Coding is an art form that evolves and can only be passed down from a Senior.

You must always review your code from seniors so they can highlight your shortcomings. It is the fastest feedback mechanism to learn quickly!

Senior developers are like gurus that guide you and help you. They will tell you your errors without putting you down. And that is the best way to learn. 


Working on different projects will help you spread your wings. The best way to do this is to contribute to open-source projects. 

You can find great projects on the google summer of code website(GSoC). You can start contributing and connecting with members. You can even send in a GSoC application if you are a student. If you get accepted, you get the chance to work on the project and receive a stipend. 

Understand Development Tools

Lastly, you should learn how to use the necessary tools. Besides Github, you should learn to use Slack, DevRev, and Jira. Developers use these tools to communicate with team members about commits, issues, etc. 

Next, you can take a look at the working of deployment pipelines. Understanding how to write YAML files for deployment is also a great skill. 

Eventually, you can grasp basic AWS concepts. This will help you later if you ever want to switch to DevCRM. 

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