7 Latest Trends That Will Shape The World And Business In 2020

7 Latest Trends That Will Shape The World And Business In 2020

The futures intelligence consultant, FFWD (Futures Intelligence & Strategic Foresight) has devised the Newness super algorithm capable of anticipating the next trends that will mark the fate of industries and countries over the next decade.

Newness is an AI system capable of processing up to 25 million opinion articles, reports, studies and discussions from different industries worldwide in a day to help managers and decision-makers develop strategies and anticipate trends in any industry or sector .

After a year analyzing, processing and classifying the different habits and forms of consumption, these are the 7 great narratives that will define our society during the next ten years:

Stakeholder Capitalism

The current financial system is increasingly disconnected from the real economy and poses endless challenges for the coming years. It is the younger generations that reflect a change of paradigm, system and consumption, demanding more dynamic and environmentally conscious companies. Is this the economic system we want? What implications will it have?

Decolonizing Ecosystems

The period of global crisis has led to the appearance of signs that show us a structural decolonization. The rise of medium-sized cities, local hyper consumption, the return to rural areas, the restructuring of education or the attitude and habits of millennial and Gen Z, are some of the keys that will define the society of the next decade.

Identity Crisis

After the collapse of the economic system and the different crises that have occurred in recent years, a division between society and the pre-established ideas of nation, religion, race, gender, ethnicity and classes has been fostered. A new global wave of feminism, the disappearance of gender barriers, new masculinity, the rise of nationalism or the integration of second and third generations of immigrants into cultures are key issues that will have impacts in the coming years.

The Dawn Of Privacy

The uncontrolled increase in fake information, the development of bio-metric identification and the emergence of new digital crimes are some of the important signs to understand the next decade. Is technological progress synonymous with the loss of privacy? Will we be able to maintain some sense of individuality in a world where it is progressively hard to keep something private?

Synthetic Intelligence

The advancement of AI is the central theme in the evolution of the technology of the next decade. We will be responsible for teaching machines to behave, interact, act and learn. Ethics should be a key issue in the development of a typical worldwide structure of laws and regulations where it is estimated that in 30 years the AI ​​exceeds human capabilities. Will we live in a world where machines will decide right and wrong? Who will have command over who?

A New Humanity

The combination of technology and biology will help us overcome our biological limits over the next few years. The Augmented Human concept has ceased to belong to science fiction films to become a reality. The genetic modification, the combinatoric techniques that seek to extend life expectancy, micro-chip implants, the rise of medicines that seek to enhance capacities or the possibility of editing the human being in the laboratory before birth show endless signals and scenarios in human evolution.

Perpetual Energy

The connection between the economic system crisis, energy consumption and the global climate emergency is undeniable and carries with it a good number of indicators of change over the next few years. The energy gap between producing and consuming countries, renewable energy, the development of efficient storage systems or recycling are issues that affect all areas of our society.

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