5 Reasons Why A WiFi School Bus Is Worth The Investment

5 Reasons Why A WiFi School Bus Is Worth The Investment

Is your school struggling to adapt to digital learning? For many schools, even the most well-organized ones, the rapid change to online education has been tough. Many schools are struggling to adapt, and a wifi school bus can help bridge that gap.

School buses with wifi are becoming increasingly popular. Below, we discuss 5 benefits of a wifi school bus.

1. A Wifi School Bus Supports Relaxation

Many school journeys can take a long time, especially ones that have multiple stops or cover large areas. Add this to the school day, extracurricular activities, family time, and homework, and children can have little time left to themselves. Why shouldn’t they be allowed time to relax?

Children should be allowed to explore. They should be able to listen to music, watch a TV show in their downtime, or message a friend. Having wifi on school buses gives them this designated time.

2. It Decreases Bad Behavior 

Sitting on a long bus journey with little to do can cause bad behaviour. Children become bored, and this leads to trouble. This can also have repercussions for the school day, as it has to be dealt with by teachers and staff.

School bus wifi keeps pupils entertained. Before they know it, they will have arrived at school fresh and ready to start the day without a problem.

3. Bridges The Digital Gap

Many students still do not have access to wifi at home. This can be due to low income in the household or geographical situations in rural areas. These pupils need free access to wifi connections out of school hours, which can be provided by a wifi connection on a school bus.

It gives pupils a chance to complete homework or do any research to and from school. A wifi bus parked in given locations can also allow them to use the wifi when they are in the area using secure logins.

4. Easier To Give Community News And Instructions

School announcements and necessary instructions can spread via wifi. A simple school system that pupils can use every day to read announcements is easy to implement. This means they do not have to use school time, increasing the time for learning.

5. Helps Parents And The School Stay Connected

Having school bus wifi allows the community to stay connected at all times. Tracking movements of school busses let the community know of any delays or diversions that may take place. Immediate community announcements such as inclement weather days or school closures get provided instantly.

It can also be a motivation for the driver to proceed carefully. With their driving and speed recorded, drivers are more likely to travel with care.

Get Connected

Now that you know the benefits of a wifi school bus, discuss implementing them with a school board or management. They can be easier and cheaper to install then you think, and can even be installed on hired commercial fleets.

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