3 Ways To Know If Your Mobile Has Been Hacked

3 Ways To Know If Your Mobile Has Been Hacked

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If you feel like your phone has been acting strangely lately, it could be an indication that you’ve fallen victim to a hacker. Some of the most common signs are the high-speed consumption of the battery, that the terminal heats up more than usual, that the keyboard does not appear or takes a long time to do so and that your data ends inexplicably.

Diego Barrientos, computer security expert, and Udemy instructor, reveal.

3 Easy Ways To Determine If Your Mobile Has Been Hacked:

  • Close all apps and turn on airplane mode. Then, please insert it into a microwave (without turning on) that is connected. This will create a  Faraday Cage block any signal from your smartphone. If the smartphone has been intervened, it’ll try to release a signal by increasing the power to heat more than average. If this happens, someone else is probably tampering with your phone.
  • He joins two mobiles, supposedly being hacked and one in normal conditionsOpen the latter’s camera and point it at the infrared sensor of the former (it is on the top of the device, it usually has a small red glass, and in some models, it is near the headphone jack). If the camera manages to capture a flash of light by doing this, it is suggested that you go to a technician to check the condition of your equipment.

  • Finally, make sure the phone is connected to the Internet, close all applications in use, and go to the settings icon. Take the SD card (memory) out of your device; if any warning appears indicating that the operation cannot be carried out because a process is running, there is a possibility that your mobile has been hacked.

Now all that remains is to stay alert to possible abnormal operations on your phone; if you can identify any, you already have some tools to find out if it is due to a hacker.

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